Apple's Total Sustainability by 2030

Source:  Apple iPhone

Every Apple Product Will be Carbon Free by 2030
Apple has made a global commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030 for all corporate operations, products, product manufacturing and its entire supply chain.  The commitment is globally important as a corporate standard for a greener environment.  Apple says every product, how it is manufactured and the energy used to produce it will be totally carbon neutral.  Supply chain operations for Apple products will be totally carbon neutral.  Apple commits to have a carbon free footprint globally by 2030.

Key Components
Apple has a comprehensive plan to deliver on its carbon-free commitment:

  • Products:  Apple will build its electronic products with low carbon and recyclable materials
  • Dave the Robot:  Dave is a big piece of the equation.  Dave will disassemble, remove and recover plastic components from discarded iPhones, Macs, iPads and other Apple products to recycle them.
  • Supply Chain Clean Energy:  Apple suppliers have to upgrade to renewable energy.
  • Apple: Apple's corporate operations already run on 100% renewable energy on a worldwide basis including stores and offices. Apple now wants to include this for their suppliers.

CEO Tim Cook
Apple's commitment is impressive.  According to CEO Tim Cook, it is out of concern for the planet that we all share.  As Cook puts it:  "Businesses have a profound opportunity to help build a new sustainable environment" to sustain the planet.


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