Most Valuable Automaker in the World

Source:  Tesla Sportscar

Share Price Surges
Tesla, the global electric car company founded by CEO Elon Musk, is now worth triple the combined share price value of GM and Ford.  Today, Tesla's stock price hit a record of $1,133.  And the market cap climbed in late morning to $209.47 Billion.  That is $6Billion more than Toyota is valued by investors.

Big Vote of Confidence in Tesla and Electric Cars
The stock market is giving a big vote of confidence in the global growth of electric cars and Tesla's strategy and technology.  Tesla is the global leader in EV sales.  After several years of losses, Tesla has delivered three profitable quarters since the 3rd quarter of 2019. CEO Elon Musk says despite disruptions from the COVID-19 virus, Tesla is on track to deliver 500,000 new vehicles in 2020.


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