Crew Dragon & US Astronauts to Return from ISS

Crew Dragon & US Astronauts Splash Down August 2 

Source:  Crew Dragon

From ISS and Back to Earth
For NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Robert Behnken, it's been historic days on the International Space Station since May 30, 2020, after they launched in the SpaceX Crew Dragon spaceship aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and boarded the ISS.  They have made history for the US.  They are the first US astronauts to be launched from US soil in a decade. For SpaceX it was their first human flight into space. And for humanity, we had the opportunity to witness the 2 astronauts' bravery, leadership and scientific accomplishments, including their incredible space views of comets from the ISS.  Now, it is time for the two astronauts to make history again.

NASA Schedule
NASA has decided the two US astronauts will start the journey back to Earth on August 2, after 64 days onboard the ISS.  The departure plan is the equivalent of technological daring-do with a lot of expert testing to fail-safe the descent done by SpaceX and NASA.  The astronaut team will re-board the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft from the ISS.  They will descend from space and then parachute into our atmosphere into the ocean off of Florida or in the Gulf of Mexico.  NASA says the weather will determine the actual date and location.  NASA and Space X will deploy their recovery ships and crews off the coast of Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico to retrieve the astronauts and help get them back into gravity after two months in space. This is NASA's 1st ocean recovery for astronauts since 45 years ago for the Apollo-Soyez Test Mission.  A lot more space history is soon to be made with this historic journey.


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