Europe's Green Hydrogen Energy Future

"European Hydrogen Backbone"

Source:  European Hydrogen Backbone Initiative 2020

Green Hydrogen Pipeline

A hydrogen pipeline stretching across the European Union, from Sweden, down to the south of Spain and to Sicily could radically transform Europe's energy system.  That is the vision of European gas infrastructure companies who just presented their concept of a "European Hydrogen Backbone" powering Europe.  Their plan details transporting the new fuel across Europe via existing gas pipelines with minor modifications.  They say this will provide a reliable means of transport.

Existing Pipeline Footprint

The existing pipeline network system would connect industrial centers that are capable of generating and utilizing hydrogen.  It would also connect solar power plants and offshore wind farms into the pipeline network.  The 11 transmission system operating companies say the hydrogen pipeline network could be totally completed by 2040 with major population centers brought online by 2035.  They estimate the cost at $28.3 billion to $79.2 billion Euros.

European Union

The European Commission, which is the Executive Branch of the European Union, is bullish on hydrogen as a green fuel.  They want green hydrogen (the byproduct of renewable energy generation with zero to low carbon emissions) scaled up to 1 million tons of production by 2024 and 10 million tons by 2030.  They are also setting up funding sources to move their hydrogen plans forward.


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