Solar System's Center Discovered

Surprise:  It's Not the Center of the Sun

Source: Stock image of Solar System

International Astronomers Nail It
An international team of astronomers have narrowed down the center of the Earth's Solar System to within 328 feet. It is not dead center in the Sun as had been commonly thought. Instead, it's located just outside the surface of the Sun.  The astronomers pinpointed the surprising location by monitoring the emissions of pulsars.
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Pulsar Monitoring
This finding was not an easy task.  There are a lot of gravitational forces influencing the calculation.  The team used specially designed software to monitor pulsars.  Pulsars are highly magnetized dead stars that emit electromagnetic radiation.  Through the North American Observatory for Gravitations Waves, they were able to observe regular pulses from the pulsars and gravitational waves.  Using that data, they were able to locate the center of the Solar System. 

Books on Space
If you're interested in space exploration, journalist Edward Kane very recently wrote four books on space. You can access them on his Amazon Author Page.  For a free preview of "Search for Life In Space" go to  I co-authored the books with Ed.


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