World's First Solar Powered Rail Road

Source:  Indian Railway

India's Green Experiment
This is unique green innovation from India.  A large solar power plant has been built in Bina, India to directly feed solar powered energy to overhead power lines to power electric locomotives.  This is a major project of the Piush Goyaled Indian Railways.  The project is considered a world first.

Testing Phase
This is a joint project of Indian Railways and Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited.  It's a 1.7 megawatt solar power plant.  According to the companies, the plant can "produce 25 lakh of energy yearly and save an amount of Rs 1.37 crore for Indian Railways every year."  They are now testing the technology.

3 Gigawatt Solar Plant
The plan is to install a 3 gigawatt solar power plant within a few years, after completing tests on their 1.7 megawatt solar plant system.  According to the Indian Railway Ministry, the power plant's feeding directly to the railway's overhead traction system involves highly innovative technology that converts Direct Current to simple phase Alternating Current.  This green experiment is making way for the era of solar powered, electric locomotive trains.


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