Ford F150 2021 Smart Tech

Intersection Assist Collision Avoidance

Source:  Ford

Answer to Motorcycle Drivers Prayers

Ford's F150 pickup truck is the biggest vehicle seller in the US.  The latest model, the Ford F150 2021 includes some uniquely smart technology.  The key example - a driver-assist feature/option called the Intersection Assist.


Collision Avoidance
Ford says the Intersection Assist can sense an oncoming vehicle and will apply the breaks and stop the vehicle even if the driver is intent on moving into the intersection.  This technology is way beyond traditional driver's assistance like keeping the vehicle within its lane.  Experts believe it should prevent accidents and save many lives.

Motorcycle Drivers' Intersection Fears
This new, innovative safety feature is of particular interest to the motorcycle driving community.
There have been many accidents and deaths involving motorcycle drivers, caused by vehicles turning left across lanes in intersections.  It happens so often that studies have been done on the pattern.  Ford's Intersection Assist could make a real difference resulting in fewer crashes with oncoming traffic.

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