Biski from the UK

Source:  Gibbs Sports Amphibians

Ultimate Fun Amphibious Vehicle
Biski is a unique, new, designed for fun vehicle.  It's a motorcycle that turns into a jet ski within 5 seconds of driving into the water.  When it hits the water, the chassis floats and two wheels retract at the touch of a button.  Unbelievably, it can reach speeds of 87 mph on the road and 37 mph in the water.  2 water jets propel the vehicle in the water. They emerge when the tires retract.

Bike-Jet Ski
The bike is the creation of Gibbs Sports Amphibians of the United Kingdom.  It looks like a gadget worthy of a James Bond 007 movie. The bike-jet ski weighs 500 pounds, has a 55 horsepower twin cylinder gas engine and has lights designed for road and water travel.  Biski is a prototype.  Gibbs wants to sell the intellectual property rights to a manufacturer to start producing the bike for sales to the public.


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