Neowise - Sensational 2020 Comet

Spectacular Summer Celestial Event 2020

Source:  NASA Comet Neowise

Awesome Comet
Neowise has proved to be a spectacular summer light show for the planet Earth.  Its brilliant displays of light at dawn and dusk have delighted stargazers in Northern and Southern skies.  This brilliant display of light won't be visible to Earth, according to experts, for another 6,800 years.  It is the Comet Sensation of the centuries. It will start to fade away from view by August 2020 for us here on Earth.  So, there are a few weeks left to take in a spectacular view. 

NASA's Perspective
NASA says the last icy space wandering comet to put on such a light show was Hale-Bopp, back in 1997.  Neowise has been so bright that it has provided astronomers with much more and greatly improved data than most comets generally do.  Through global, giant telescopes, astronomers are pulling in key details about Neowise's composition and structure.  The comet is just a spectacular visitor from space and is 3 miles wide. Apparently, it has a lot to say in its data from space.


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