UAE Tech & 2 Israeli Co's Partner to Fight COVID-19

Source:  COVID-19 Tech Fight
Source:  Abu Dhabi Group 42 Signing Deal 

Rare Arab-Israeli Big Partnership
An astonishing example of Arab-Israeli cooperation has just emerged to fight the COVID-19 virus.  Two Israeli defense contractors, Israel Aerospace Industries and Raphael, and an Abu Dhabi based technology company Group 42, are joining forces to develop technologies to fight COVID-19.  This despite the fact that Israel has no diplomatic relations with a Gulf Arab nation.  The partnership has been forged by the urgent, common humanitarian concerns over the vicious nature of COVID-19's threat to every human being.

Arab-Israeli Tech Partnership
The three companies reached their remarkable agreement via video calls this weekend.  Abu Dhabi based Group 42 specializes in AI and cloud computing. It is led by CEO Peng Xiao.  Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has a portfolio of both defense and civilian businesses.  And, Israel state owned Rafael is engaged in developing technologies to fight the virus.  Their partnership is focused on developing AI, sensors and lasers in the fight against COVID-19, according to a statement from IAI.  Group 42 CEO Peng Xiao said he's privileged to work with the two Israeli companies in such a significant cause.

COVID Has No Boundaries
According to IAI subsidiary ELTA CEO Yoav Turgeman: "COVID-19 does not distinguish between Continents, people and religions.  This is a first step in what may become future joint work between our two countries."


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