Google Developing Holographic Glasses

Source:  Google Glass

Source:  Google/Saarland University Smart Tattoos

Smart Tattoos in the Pipeline
Search engine giant Google is developing the next generation of wearable technologies.  Examples of what they're working on include simple pairs of sunglasses that project holographic images, inter-meshing the digital and physical worlds.  And Google is developing temporary tattoos that when placed on the skin transform into working touchpads.  Google is developing and funding these fascinating technological innovations through its Interaction Lab.  The lab is part of Google Research, which is focused on technological breakthroughs.

Smart Tattoos
Google's smart temporary tattoos are loaded with sensors that react to touch and function as a touchpad on your skin to connect with your devices.  Google is developing them with Saarland University in Germany.  By developing an R&D pipeline of wearables, Google is on to something big.  Experts at IDC forecast that wearables are the next big thing after smartphones.  370 million wearable devices will be sold globally this year.  Wearable sales will jump to 520 million by the end of 2022.  And, the technology giants are on this new battlefield including Apple, Samsung, Amazon and Facebook, through its subsidiary Oculus.  Google is a very active part of this innovation game.


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