Astronomers Spot 4 "Edge-Brightened Discs" in Deep Space

Source:  Image of Deep Space

Space:  What's Up There?
Four mystery objects have been spotted by astronomers in deep space.  The global team of astronomers say they've never seen anything like these objects before.  Astronomers from the Royal College of Canada and Queens University, along with a team in Australia, discovered the objects using massive radio telescopes.  They describe them as "edge-brightened discs", two are relatively close together and space objects "never probed before."  These are incredible discoveries delivered by highly advanced, massive telescope technologies.

Deep Space Mystery 
This discovery is one of the biggest mysteries in the universe.  Astronomers are asking:  What Are They?  According to the team that discovered them:  "We speculate they may be spherical shock waves from an extra-galactic event or a remnant from a radio galaxy viewed end-on".  Whatever they are, they have the space world abuzz.


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