Is It an Extremely Powerful Black Hole or a New Planet?

Source:  Deep Space Image

Celestial Mystery on Edge of Solar System
The space phenomena on the outer edges of the solar system is known as Planet X, Planet 9 and Planet Next.  And, global astronomers are baffled by it.  They are not even sure that it's a planet.  Some scientists speculate it's a grapefruit-sized extremely condensed and powerful Black hole.  It's gravitational pull is so strong that it's also called the Big Perturber.  Among the global astronomy community, opinion is divided.  Some believe it is the new Planet X that is 5 to 10 times more massive than the Earth.  Others think it is a powerful, extremely packed Black Hole with all of its explosive energy and mass inside a ball the size of a grapefruit.  Quite a difference of scientific space speculation!

Tech to Determine by Late 2023
A technology decider is just about to come online.  A powerful new piece of technology. the highly anticipated Vera C. Rubin Observatory is now being built in the Chilean Andes.  It is a massively powerful telescope that will go on line by the end of 2022.  It has highly advanced technology that will be able to spot potential black holes, investigate dark energy and dark matter, find and track dangerous asteroids and study the Milky Way's formation and evolution.  Several top astronomers at Harvard University are leading the exploration of Planet X.  With the technology being deployed by the Rubin Observatory telescope, they expect to determine by late 2023 if the mysterious Planet X/9/Next/Big Perturber is actually a planet or an extremely powerful Black hole. 


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