Inventions, Innovations, Breakthroughs 2020's by Edward Kane

Bundled Series Just Published on Amazon

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Future Travel Vehicles, Smart Devices and Top Robots for the 2020's
I'm pleased to announce journalist Edward Kane's latest book "Inventions, Innovations, Breakthroughs 2020's" has just been published as an e-book on Amazon/Kindle.  I co-authored the book with Ed.

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Bundled Series
This is a bundled series containing three very recent books: Future Travel Vehicles, Smart Devices for the 2020's and Top Robots for the 2020's that's priced at $9.99  That is 3 books on the top new global innovations for the price of 2 books.  This bundled series will keep you aware of the latest in travel, smart device and robotic innovations.

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