Invented by South Korean Doctors

Source:  Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials 

Collects Patient COVID Samples
Doctors and researchers at the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials have invented a remote-controlled robot - the KIMM robot - that performs and collects COVID-19 tests from the noses of potential patients.  For medical personnel, there is no direct contact with the patients.  The robot performs the tests and collects the samples by being remotely controlled by a doctor.  This system reduces the risk of exposure to COVID for the medical staff.

Parallel Caregiving
The system is based on parallel caregiving where a doctor in one room tells the robot what action to take.  The doctor and patient are connected by audio and video and stay in constant contact.  This is part of a growing trend of robots being put on the front lines of the fight against COVID.  In Boston, Spot robots were used to screen patients remotely using iPads that enabled doctors to screen and visually assess them.  In Singapore, robots are being used to encourage social distancing.  And in China, a COVID field hospital was fully staffed by robots, controlled by medical staff in a remote location.

Screening Technology for Highly Infectious Diseases
The inventors believe this robot is useful for screening any highly dangerous disease like COVID.  They hope it contributes to the safety and well-being of medical personnel during pandemics and epidemics.


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