New Hydrofoil Technology From America's Cup Racing

Source:  Artemis Racing

Innovation from Germany & Swedish Startup in Belfast
A Belfast startup is deploying hydrofoil technology to create faster and greener water travel technology.  The technology being used was developed for America's Cup racing yachts.  The Swedish co-founder of the oil trading group Gunvor - Torbjorn Tornqvist - and  2-time Olympic Gold Medalist Iain Percy are behind the effort.  They believe their hydrofoil technology can revolutionize the boating industry.  Mr. Tornqvist's Artemis Racing produced one of the world's fastest boats for the 2017 America's Cup using hydrofoils that lifted the yacht above the water to "fly" at high speeds.  Mr. Percy led the America's Cup yacht team for Artemis.  They are now applying their sailing technology expertise to water transportation.

Triple Hull Hydrofoils for Fast Freight Transit
Meanwhile in Germany, the Tandem-Wing company has built a triple hull hydrofoil vessel.  Experts are forecasting that single, twin and triple hull hydrofoils may provide a means for very fast freight transportation.  The future of flying boats is envisioned as being capable of flying at high elevations over land, taking off and landing from ocean coastlines, inland lakes and wide sections of deep rivers.  These are new examples of innovation in flying boats - hydrofoil technology - being developed with the potential of changing water, land and air travel forever.


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