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Flying Boat - New Way to Travel

  REGENT's Seaglider                                                                        Source:  REGENT Seaglider Combo Plane & Boat for Coastal Commutes It's being called the next generation of coastal transportation.  A flying electric boat or ferry, capable of carrying 12 passengers, is currently being tested in the waters of Tampa Bay Florida.  It is the invention of Boston aerospace startup REGENT, founded by two MIT aerospace engineers.  This vehicle is six times faster than a water ferry and is one-half the cost of a regular plane.  The Mayor of nearby St. Peterburg calls it "more energy efficient, more climate friendly and less stressful" than current forms of travel. WIGs The Seaglider is potentially disruptive technology. The vehicle is categorized as a WIG or Wing in Ground Effect craft.  WIGs glide over the water using ground effect, which is the aerodynamic interaction between the moving wing and the surface below.  It achieves higher speeds and u

New Travel Concepts by Edward Kane

  New Book With Great Pictures & Executive Briefings on New Travel Concepts                                                   ASIN ‏ : ‎ B098PH12XB Latest Cars, Planes & Other Exciting Travel Modes Edward Kane's latest book "New Travel Concepts" contains great pictures and executive briefings on new & exciting forms of travel, including an inexpensive solar powered car on 3 wheels, a flying car that successfully flies and drives between cities, an electric motorcycle that goes 250 mph, supersonic jets ready to cut travel time in half and much more.  You can enjoy a free sample read on Amazon at  ASIN ‏ : ‎ B098PH12XB The book is also available on Barnes & Noble  EAN 2940162517054  and Kobo/Walmart  ISBN: 1230004895312 .  I co-authored the book with Ed.

New Flying Boats on Venice Canals

  From Sweden, Candela Hydrofoil Speed Boat                                        Sweden's Candela Speed Boats Electric, No Waves, No Erosion in Venice  Sweden's Candela speed boats are an electric, no wave creation, no erosion, no emissions, electric different kind of boat.  They are being deployed in the historic Venice canals.  Historic parts of the city of Venice are in danger of sinking because of the "moto ondoso" effect of motorboats creating waves that erode and damage historical buildings.  The Candela speed boats creates no waves to erode or damage buildings or the coastline.  They operate on hydrofoils. Hopefully, they will make a strategic difference to preserve Venice. Significant New Technology Candela is a floating hydrofoil boat.  The hydrofoils on this watercraft act like underwater wings.  The wings lift the hull of the boat above the water and into the air.  They cut water friction by 80%.  The result is a boat that cruises at long distances, using


New Hydrofoil Technology From America's Cup Racing Source:  Artemis Racing Innovation from Germany & Swedish Startup in Belfast A Belfast startup is deploying hydrofoil technology to create faster and greener water travel technology.  The technology being used was developed for America's Cup racing yachts.  The Swedish co-founder of the oil trading group Gunvor - Torbjorn Tornqvist - and  2-time Olympic Gold Medalist Iain Percy are behind the effort.  They believe their hydrofoil technology can revolutionize the boating industry.  Mr. Tornqvist's Artemis Racing produced one of the world's fastest boats for the 2017 America's Cup using hydrofoils that lifted the yacht above the water to "fly" at high speeds.  Mr. Percy led the America's Cup yacht team for Artemis.  They are now applying their sailing technology expertise to water transportation. Triple Hull Hydrofoils for Fast Freight Transit Meanwhile in Germany, the Tandem-Wing