New Flying Boats on Venice Canals

 From Sweden, Candela Hydrofoil Speed Boat

                                Sweden's Candela Speed Boats

Electric, No Waves, No Erosion in Venice 

Sweden's Candela speed boats are an electric, no wave creation, no erosion, no emissions, electric different kind of boat.  They are being deployed in the historic Venice canals.  Historic parts of the city of Venice are in danger of sinking because of the "moto ondoso" effect of motorboats creating waves that erode and damage historical buildings.  The Candela speed boats creates no waves to erode or damage buildings or the coastline.  They operate on hydrofoils. Hopefully, they will make a strategic difference to preserve Venice.

Significant New Technology

Candela is a floating hydrofoil boat.  The hydrofoils on this watercraft act like underwater wings.  The wings lift the hull of the boat above the water and into the air.  They cut water friction by 80%.  The result is a boat that cruises at long distances, using electric battery power, minimizing noise and utilizing a fraction of the energy required to power a regular boat.  This is a look at the emerging future of boating - powered by electricity and needing low energy for high speed transport with no moving parts and no emissions.  For a comprehensive look at the best futuristic approaches to travel, go to


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