Cyclocar - Russia's 1st Flying Car

Russia's Cyclocar Aeromobile

                                    Source:  Russia's Cyclocar

Very Futuristic Looking Flying Car

Russia is developing its first flying car, the Russian Cyclocar.  The project is under the auspices of Russia's Cyclone Advanced Research Foundation.  The vehicle has a cyclical propulsion system and is expected to be large enough to carry six people.  The main contractor on the project is the Institute of Thermophysics of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The developers recently disclosed their very innovative flying car project.

Technical Capabilities

Cyclocar will be available either as a fully electric or hybrid vehicles   It will be able to hit maximum speeds of 250 kmp and will have a flight range of 500 km.  It will be equipped with a Russian made serial hybrid drive unit that allows it to be customized. The power unit is based on a gasoline rotary piston engine or a more powerful powertrain based on a turboshaft engine. According to the developers, what is unusual about the vehicle is that it can land on inclined surfaces up to a 30 degree angle.  And the vehicle can "perch and tie down on inclines and vertical surfaces".  Other distinctive features are that it is compact - 6.2 by 6 meters and the noise level of very low.  No pricing has been announced.

Getting Air Ready

Flight testing of a full size Cyclocar prototype with an all-electric propulsion system is set for 2022.  The Russians hope to have the vehicle in service in 2024.  They say it can also be operated as a full drone controlled by an operator on the ground.

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