Advanced Solar Powered EV Humble One, From California

 Fascinating Solar Powered EV by Humble Motors of California

                                    Source:  Humble One

Highly Advanced Solar Car Technology

California based Humble Motors has a goal to build a future of off-grid vehicles.  Their first entry is the Humble One solar electric car concept.  The solar technology they are using in this EV is breakthrough.  And, the elegant styling and fast speed of the Humble One are impressive.

Sun Powered Driving

There are 80 square feet of photovoltaic cells built into the roof of the EV.  The Humble One has solar array wings that can fold out to soak in the sun while it is parked.  And there are electricity generating sidelites along the EV's exterior sides.  There is also a regenerative braking system that sends back energy to the vehicle.

Fully Solar Powered

The Humble One is an EV that is fully solar powered, with zero emissions and totally sustainable. The solar technology features on the EV, like the solar wings, add from 10 to 60 extra miles to the charge per day, depending upon how the car is being used and sunlight conditions.  Humble Motors says the concept turned into prototype is expected to have a range of 500 miles per day. 

Going into Production in 2024

The EV can go from zero to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds and it can accelerate up to 155 mph.  It weighs 4,000 pounds and can seat four people.  The starting price is $109,000. Manufacturing starts in 2024 and deliveries in 2025.  


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