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Advanced Solar Powered EV Humble One, From California

  Fascinating   Solar Powered EV   by Humble Motors of California                                             Source:  Humble One Highly Advanced Solar Car Technology California based Humble Motors has a goal to build a future of off-grid vehicles.  Their first entry is the Humble One solar electric car concept.  The solar technology they are using in this EV is breakthrough.  And, the elegant styling and fast speed of the Humble One are impressive. Sun Powered Driving There are 80 square feet of photovoltaic cells built into the roof of the EV.  The Humble One has solar array wings that can fold out to soak in the sun while it is parked.  And there are electricity generating sidelites along the EV's exterior sides.  There is also a regenerative braking system that sends back energy to the vehicle. Fully Solar Powered The Humble One is an EV that is fully solar powered, with zero emissions and totally sustainable. The solar technology features on the EV, like the solar wings, add f

Fascinating Solar Powered EV - Aptera

  3-Wheeled Solar Powered Electric Car Source:  Aptera Aptera Also Floats on Water California startup Aptera Motor's solar powered electric vehicle - Aptera - is being called the world's most efficient vehicle.  The zero emissions car drives on three wheels and also floats on water.  The EV has an impressive range of 1,000 miles on a single charge and it is composed of green, biodegradable materials.  Aptera is a very green machine in the fight against climate change and it is going into production. Not Your Average EV Aptera can accelerate from 0 to 60 in less than three seconds.  It can float on water in the event of flooding.  It is not equipped to operate like a powerboat.  According to Aptera Motors, the 3 wheel design makes it the most efficient vehicle possible.  The 1,000 mile range is a result of the light weight of the EV and its aerodynamic design.  The exterior, composed of biodegradable materials, is strong and durable to protect in the event of an accident.  The i