Russia's Amphibious, Electric, ATV

 Amphibious, All Terrain, All Electric Vehicle

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Moscow Based Startup Green Scout

Moscow based startup Green Scout has developed a fascinating, new electric amphibious vehicle.  It's a 6-wheel, electric, amphibious, all-terrain vehicle (ATV).  The vehicle has all-wheel drive with each wheel having power of 3 kW.  Land speeds are up to 70 km/h or 44 mph.  Water speeds are 3 mph.

Final Touches

The Green Scout team is making final modifications to the ATV.  It is powered by a lithium ion phosphate battery.  Green Scout, on their website, is looking for investors to help them finalize the ATV and start production.  Green Scout says they are willing to move the operation and the production to a location designated by their lead investors.  For a comprehensive look at the best futuristic travel vehicles, go to


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