Luxurious E-Boat "Jet Capsule" from Italy

 New Water Vehicle From Italy's Lazzarini Design

                         Source:  Lazzarini Design Jet Capsule

Luxurious Powerboat Alternative

Lazzarini Design has just introduced a highly revolutionary watercraft alternative to a powerboat.  It's called the Jet Capsule and it looks like a space ship on water.  It's an ultra luxurious vessel that comes with a variety of propulsion systems, layouts, amenities and furnishings that are totally customizable to the buyer.  There are two models - Due Punto Zero and Hyper Jet that can serve as private or commuting vessels.  The boats are made largely of carbon fiber and have integrated AC, touchscreens, LED headlight system and a surface scanner in the front of the boat to avoid hitting debris. 

Electric or Hybrid Boating

For the individual buyer, the  vessel can accommodate up to 10 passengers.  It also comes in the form of a commuter boat that can carry up to 20 passengers  plus the captain.  The propulsion system is either electric or hybrid  with power from 740 hp to 1,125 hp for the Hyper Jet.  The Due Punte Zero's triple electric motors can reach speeds up to 45 knots.  The Hyper Jet can hit 60 knots. The starting price for the Hyper Jet is $1 million.  The Due Punte Zero's starting price is $500,000.  

Lazzarini Design

Pierpaulo Lazzarini's guiding principle of design is "Think about the future, never forget the past".  His design vehicles, ranging from yachts, automobiles, eVTOLs and jet capsules, combine retro with futuristic features.  The vehicles are gorgeous, usually powered by green energy, pricey and highly efficient.  For a comprehensive look at the future of travel, go to


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