Rolls Royce Car With Picnic Onboard

 Custom Car & Unique Picnic Vehicle

                                        Source:  Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce "Boat Tail" Is a First

Rolls Royce has created what it calls "the most refined picnic facility on Earth".  It's a convertible Rolls Royce with a unique rear deck, with panels that open up to reveal cocktail tables, refrigerators for champagne, compartments for glassware, china, silver and a parasol for the perfect picnic.  The one-of-a-kind, customized vehicle is called "Boat Tail" because the back of the car is shaped like a racing yacht. The unique vehicle took Rolls Royce four years to build for a wealthy, unnamed client.

A Car That Breaks The Mold

Rolls Royce says it is one of the "most remarkable cars ever in's a masterpiece of art".  Nothing in the car is standard; everything about it breaks the mold. The entire design and manufacturing process are brand new.  It is also totally customized to the client's specifications.  It was produced by a new division of Rolls Royce called "Coachbuild", which builds fully customized vehicles to clients' specifications.  Rolls Royce is headquartered in southern England and is owned by BMW.  The price of this unique piece of automotive engineering was not disclosed.  


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