Israel's E-Plane Alice To Test Flight

 Stunning, Electric Jet Going into Test Flights

                                    Source:  Eviation's Alice

Alice Invented & Developed by Israel's Eviation

Alice is the world's first all-electric regional commuter aircraft, designed to make flying sustainable, affordable and quiet. Israel based Eviation, with US offices in Washington, is preparing to start a series of test flights on this very innovative, electric, luxury jet.  The e-plane can carry 9 passengers and a 2 person crew.  It has a range of 506 miles on a single charge on its huge 820 kWh battery pack.  Alice runs on three electric engines that power three variable pitch electric props in a push formation.  The electric engines and props are on the two wing tips and also on the tail of the plane, which is in a V formation.  The configuration is designed to accelerate air around the body of the plane to provide it extra lift.

A Plane Named Alice

Alice is no ordinary piece of new aviation technology.  It can hit cruising speeds up to 253 mph with zero emissions.  It is one of the world's most anticipated electric planes.  The lithium ion battery that powers it is massive. It weighs 8200 pounds which is more than half of the plane's maximum takeoff weight of 14.700 pounds.  The aircraft fuselage itself is composed of light, carbon fiber.  Alice is expected to go into service as a luxury, corporate and commuter jet in 2023 or 2024.  It will be available first in US and European Union markets.  Eviation is headquartered in Qadima, Israel with US operations in Arlington, Washington.  Alice and Eviation are a team to watch.  


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