Jeff Bezos' Tickets for a Space Ride

 Bezos' Blue Origin Ready to Sell Space Tourism Tickets

                                               Source:  Blue Origin's New Shepherd Rocket

Travel Like Nothing Else - Hurtling into Space on New Shepherd Rocket

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' space company Blue Origin is about to start selling tickets for rides on its space tourism rocket New Shepherd.  The rocket has the capacity to carry six passengers into the lower edges of space.  It has been launched multiple times, successfully tested and has completed 11 missions.  You can sign up for a seat on the Blue Origin website.  The ticket price is expected to be disclosed by the company very soon.

Vacationing in Zero Gravity

The New Shepherd launch site is located in a remote desert area in Texas.  The space capsule has massive windows for passengers to enjoy the view.  Once reaching the edges of space, passengers will spend 10 minutes in zero gravity before returning to Earth. The rocket launches vertically with the boosters detaching.  The return to Earth and landing is slowed down by a set of parachutes so that the touchdown on the ground is a soft one.

Space Tourism Competition

Bezos' Blue Origin is in direct competition with Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic for space tourism business.  Branson has sold tickets to 600 passengers at a price of $200,000 to $250,000. Blue Origin tickets are likely to be priced in the same range.


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