VW's Project Trinity EV Leading the Way

 Project Trinity Electric Vehicle

Source:  VW Project Trinity

Coming in 2026 - All Electric & Autonomous 

Volkswagen is working on a revolutionary new vehicle.  The development is called VW's Project Trinity EV and it will serve as VW's technology flagship when it hits the market in 2026. For VW, the vehicle will lead the way in the next generation of zero emissions and autonomous cars, which can serve as living spaces and entertainment venues on wheels. It is all electric with a bold new architecture that blends the designs of a crossover, hatchback and a sedan.  VW says it will manufacture the vehicle with a radical new production approach. The EV will also be autonomous.

"Over-The-Air Updates"

VW intends to sell the EV in a standardized form at a starting price of $42,415.  Customers can obtain existing features through software updates.  New features will be offered at additional prices through "over-the-air updates".  The EV will launch with Level 2 autonomous driving technology and then with software updates upgrading it up to Level 4.  VW's Project Trinity EV showcases the future of electric, autonomous driving that VW is betting on.

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