New EV Airo Cleans Up Air Pollution

 China's 1M Motors' Airo


Source:  1M Motors' Airo

Filters Polluted Air From Other Cars, Serves as a Living Space

At the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, 1M Motors unveiled a uniquely compelling car concept.  It's an autonomous, electric car that vacuums up and filters air pollution from other vehicles.  It also serves as a living space.  The EV is called Airo and it is unlike any other concept car.  The designers call it a multifunctional vehicle designed to address global issues.  Airo produces zero emissions and purifies the air around it, providing double benefits to the environment.  It also addresses the global space shortage issue by serving as a living space when not in use.

London Designed for China Automaker

IM Motors is a car brand created by three big China corporations:  the automaker SAIC Motors, online retailer Alibaba and the Zhangjiang Hi Tech Group.  The concept car was designed for 1M Motors by London based Heatherwick Studio.  It is a very bold design on a very bold timeline.  The team intends to start producing the vehicles by 2023.

Driving on Highly Advanced Technology

What is particularly distinguishing about Airo is that it contains a high efficiency HEPA air filtering system that pulls in polluted air from vehicles driving around it and cleans and filters the pollution as it drives along.  Being fully electric, Airo emits zero emissions.  It is also designed to serve as a multifunctional living space customizable for dining, working and even resting.  The vehicle contains tinted windows to maintain the occupants privacy.  It also comes with a specially designed electric charging station.  The EV is uniquely designed to achieve multiple purposes along with zero emissions travel.  For a comprehensive look at the future of travel, go to


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