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Tesla Launches an ATV for Kids - Cyberquad

   Kids' 4-Wheel All-Terrain-Vehicle                                                  Source:  Tesla From Tesla, Zero Emissions Fun Tesla is launching an electric, quad-bike called "Cyberquad for Kids".  The 4-wheel, all-terrain-vehicle (ATV) is inspired by the much- anticipated Tesla Cybertruck, the all-electric pickup truck that has been billed as Tesla CEO Elon Musk's pet project.  The kids' Cyberquad is priced at $1900 and will start to ship, first in the US, in the next two to four weeks.  This is another surprise product from the world's leading electric vehicle automaker.  In the past year, Tesla also launched Tesla Tequila and the Tesla bot. Electric ATV for Kids 8 Years Old and Up Tesla, on their website says, the Cyberquad is designed for kids 8 years old and more to enjoy.  It is all electric and powered by a lithium-ion battery.  The ATV reaches top speeds of 10 mph and has a range of 15 miles on a charge.  It has an all-steel frame, cushioned seat

Russia's Amphibious, Electric, ATV

  Amphibious, All Terrain, All Electric Vehicle Moscow Based Startup Green Scout Moscow based startup Green Scout has developed a fascinating, new electric amphibious vehicle.  It's a 6-wheel, electric, amphibious, all-terrain vehicle (ATV).  The vehicle has all-wheel drive with each wheel having power of 3 kW.  Land speeds are up to 70 km/h or 44 mph.  Water speeds are 3 mph. Final Touches The Green Scout team is making final modifications to the ATV.  It is powered by a lithium ion phosphate battery.  Green Scout, on their website, is looking for investors to help them finalize the ATV and start production.  Green Scout says they are willing to move the operation and the production to a location designated by their lead investors.  For a comprehensive look at the best futuristic travel vehicles, go to

Laser Shooting Dune Buggy for US Military

Laser Innovation for the US Military Source:  Raytheon HELWS MRZR Raytheon's Laser Shooting ATV It's a powerful laser on a dune buggy for the US Military.  Raytheon's HELWS MRZR laser-shooting dune buggy, all terrain vehicle. Once the human operator confirms the target, a fiber optic electric laser fires a controlled beam that instantly destroys the target. Battery or Electric Powered A simple battery charge enables 30 blasts.  If there's an electrical hookup, the magazine can last indefinitely.  This laser weapon developed by Raytheon for the US military has been cited as one of the most important innovations of 2018.  Raytheon has mounted the laser on a Polaris ATV.  For more laser and other energy news, go to my colleague Ed Kane's Amazon Author Page