Partnering with EnBW to Power Grids with Used EV Batteries

Source:  MIT

Green on Green Power
An environmentally friendly, innovative undertaking by German automaker Audi and utility EnBW to recycle and reuse old EV batteries has just been announced.  They'll use the old batteries to help power the grid.  By the end of this year, they will have completed a new electric car battery operation at EmBW's Heilbrom plant to build scalable energy storage facilities.  E-battery recycling and reuse are the holy grail for car and battery manufacturers.  And the storage of energy is another big priority for industry.

Energy Recycling, Reuse, Storage
For renewable energy companies, storing excess, unused surplus energy of solar and wind power generation is an urgent need.  So, Audi wants to develop what they're calling  a "plug and play" battery storage system for the energy industry.  Audi says this system will be a blueprint for a scalable product that they intend to go to market with.

Lots of Life in Old Batteries
According to Audi, a used EV battery can still run for another three to ten years.  They will build energy storage containers at the new facility and then start selling them to industrial power companies, utilities and generator companies.  This has the potential to be very needed, green, innovative energy technology on a global scale.


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