Laser Wipers Replacing Windshield Wipers

Latest Brilliant Idea from Tesla's Elon Musk
Source:  Tesla Patent Filing
Source: Tesla

Virtual Light Show Around Your Car
Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk has filed for a patent on his latest idea:  replacing car windshield wipers with laser beams.  The billionaire engineer, who also founded and is the CEO of SpaceX, has big plans for this laser innovation.  His first goal is to replace windshield wipers with laser beam wipers.

Light Technology
The system uses pulsed lasers and detection circuitry to identify debris on the windshield and direct a laser to remove it.  It calibrates the amount of laser light needed to do the job.  According to the patent application the system is sensitive and smart enough to differentiate wanted items like a car inspection sticker and not remove it.

Additional Uses
In addition to keeping car windshields clean and clear, the system can be deployed to remove dirt from cameras that direct autonomous cars.  It can also clean solar panels on the car to keep the panels more efficient.  Entrepreneur Elon Musk is developing an autonomous, electric light show on wheels.  For a browse and free borrows on my books on new innovation, go to   And for a sample read of my latest book "Hot Electric Vehicles for the 2020's", go to


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