Cars with Full AR Windshields

World's 1st Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Windshield

Source:  Futurus

Future of Driving:  Augmented Reality, Electric, Autonomous, Smart Vehicles
The future of driving is zooming towards us and it is electric, autonomous and loaded with augmented reality.  The Chinese technology company Futurus, based in Beijing, has new technology to convert the entire car front windshield of your car into a virtual reality screen.  The transparent display is designed as a smart &/or autonomous human-machine interface platform. The Chinese scientists and engineers who invented it say it makes driving safer.

Cutting Edge Technology
This technology is a light screen projection system that provides a 60 degree field of view.  The functionality seems impressive.  It can alert drivers to hazards, display navigation guidance, play music, provide internet messages and social media.  The windshield can even display entertainment for passengers.  The entertainment isn't visible to the driver who can focus on the augmented reality of the road and surroundings before them.

Artificial Intelligence Enabled
This system is powered by artificial intelligence.  The developers say it's meant to be integrated with driving assistance systems, information "push" systems, office and entertainment systems.  It's a new look at the future of electric, autonomous, connected, smart driving with the added element of augmented and virtual reality displayed on the windshield to enhance safety.  Futurus will showcase this system at the upcoming 2020 Consumer Electronics Show.  


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