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Solar Powered Headphones

Sustainable Listening: JBL Reflect Eternal Wireless Headphones Source:   JBL Totally Green Sound from Light The Reflect Eternal headphones from JBL generate power to operate from the natural light of the Sun and from artificial light.  The self-charging headphones contain solar-charging material, Powerfoyle from Exeger, that is built into the headband.  The material transforms light into free, sustainable energy. The headphones need only two hours of sun per day to provide 168 hours of listening.  The headphones can be used indoors and outside and can recharge on artificial light. Crowdfunding for Consumer Input JBL is attempting to develop the Reflect Eternal headphones by collaborating directly with consumers by engaging them in crowdfunding on Indiegogo through January 14, 2020.  They want to determine the level of consumer interest in such a green, sustainable product and then fine-tune the product from input.  JBL is a long established audio company with products lik

Renewable Energy by Muscle Power

New Emergency Device Hand Cranked to Generate Power for Key Gadgets Light Saber: Innovative Outdoor Survival Tool The Light Saber outdoor survival technology tool was invented by the Innovation Factory, a US based company that's been making tough tools since 2001.  Their Light Saber delivers limitless power supply to essential gadgets like cell phones by hand cranking it. It's limited only by your muscle power.  It's a portable device that can deliver enough power to charge a cell phone with three minutes worth of hand cranking.  It's designed to help adventurers survive in the outdoors and wilderness areas.  It has an onboard battery that you can charge for the road. Lots of Emergency Tech Included This emergency device has a lot of new tech loaded in. It has a USB generator, emergency strobe lights and sirens, a UV water purifier and a plasma fire starter.  The company calls it an inexhaustible power supply for wilderness survival.  It's live on K

World's 1st 100% Solar Powered Passenger Train

Zero Emissions Public Transport Source:  Byron Bay Railroad Company New South Wales, Australia It's the world's first solar powered passenger train.  The railroad is owned and operated in Australia by the Byron Bay Railroad Company.  It's been in service since 2017 and has operated perfectly ever since.  It's a global example of the possibilities of zero emissions public transportation. Solar Technology The train is very efficient, requiring only 8.33 watt hours per passenger kilometer.  It has a 6.5 KW rooftop solar array and a lithium ion battery onboard.  During peak solar hours, it is 100% solar powered.  In fact, it's the world's first, in-service train run from onboard solar power. Solar Express The solar express can carry 100 passengers on a three kilometer route back and forth between North Beach station and Brayton Beach station in New South Wales.  It completes the cycle once an hour.  The original 1949 cars were upgraded from diesel loco