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Important Innovations Collection: Energy.  New Audiobook on Latest & Most Impressive Renewable Energy Innovations

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Journalists Edward Kane and Maryanne Kane are pleased to announce that their third Audiobook "Important Innovations Collection:  Energy" has just been published by ACX and is being distributed by Audible, iTunes and ACX.  Ed and Maryanne are national television and radio broadcast journalists.  The book is narrated by Maryanne, who is the host of CEO Global Foresight on PBS.  Ed is the co-creator and Executive Producer of the program series.  The team focuses on breakthrough innovation news. Here's a link to listen to some of the renewable energy innovations highlighted: 
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We have been provided by ACX free codes for the US, UK and international readers to get a copy of the audiobook for free.  Send me an email at if you'd like to get a free copy.  This audiobook is part of our series Innovation Changing Your Life.  The audiobook contains our news reports on the latest and most impressive renewable energy innovations including solar energy, hydrogen fuel cell, power beaming, kite energy going commercial, nuclear fusion, whiskey biofuel, deep space cold energy and much more.  For US listeners, go to


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