India's Solar Powered Ferries

 Green Commutes with No Emissions

Source:  India's Solar Powered Ferries

Future of Travel

India's solar ferries are a big part of the future of green, clean water travel.  Their solar ferry, the Aditya, carries 1700 passengers daily on a two mile route from a lakeside community back and forth to the town of Vaikom.  India's first solar powered ferry has merited an award from the international electric boat Journal Plugboats.  It generates zero pollution and is 30 times cheaper to run than the diesel ferry it replaced.

Solar Power Delivers

This new solar water ferry delivers.  It runs on 70 kilowatts of electricity, 65 % of which come from the boat's solar panels and the rest from the grid.  India's Kerala State Water Transport Department has commissioned two more solar ferries and a solar cruise ship.  It's also converting its 48 diesel ferries to solar powered ferries within a few years.

Solar Powered Water Travel

The Aditya is considered a solar ferry prototype.  It provides one half of the cost of operation with the same performance.   It could have applications to solar boats operating in Europe, Africa, Asia and elsewhere.  The operators say it is very easily replicated. It offers a green clean future of solar powered water travel for thousands by ferry.


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