Quantum Discovery with Big Impact

 Scientists Make Quantum System Last 10,000 X's Longer 

Source:  University of Chicago Team of Scientists 

Big Impact for Quantum Computing & Unhackable Networks

A new discovery by scientists at the University of Chicago has the potential of massive technological impact.  Quantum technology promises fabulous possibilities.  But scientists first need to keep quantum systems stay harnessed for more than a few millionths of a second.  The University of Chicago team has done it.  They've invented a means to make quantum systems remain operational 10,000 times longer than before.

Future Quantum Internet

What they've done could revolutionize quantum computing, quantum communications and quantum sensing.  Their breakthrough to greatly extend quantum system operations could lead to extremely powerful quantum computers and virtually unhackable networks in the future quantum internet.  Immediately, it is enabling new research opportunities previously thought impossible.

Simple Solution

To operate, quantum systems need extremely quiet, stable locations.  They're easily disturbed by background noises and vibrations.  The Chicago team added to the quantum system a continuous, alternating magnetic field that enabled the system to drown out the noise and continue operating.  The scientists call it a simple fix, but there's a lot of intricate science behind it.  Their work has just been published in the prestigious journal Science.


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