Sailing a Solar Powered Pod

Unique Ocean Getaway
Source:  Anthenea 

French Architect's Invention
The Anthenea aquatic mobile pod is one of the most innovative and green, new travel vehicles of the 2020's.  It's a totally solar powered pod that serves as a luxury floating hotel suite or water based mobile home.  It's the invention of French architect Jean-Michel Ducancelle.  His inspiration came from a floating pod in a 1977 James Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me". The vessel is designed to sail so that the occupants can travel to different destinations.

Everything You Need and Eco-Friendly
The floating habitat is built to enjoy the ocean environment and do no harm to it.  Besides being totally solar powered, it uses sand screw anchoring to avoid any damage to the ocean surroundings.  The vessel is dome shaped and offers 360 degree views of the water including views under the water.  The Anthenea provides many of the amenities of a luxury hotel suite.  There's a living area with kitchen necessities, a bedroom and bath.  On top of the vessel, there's an outdoor seating area for up to 12 people.  The solar pod is currently in Brittany, France.  It's available to be rented or you can purchase one.  It's a one of a kind ocean getaway.


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