R/T Drone Look at Underwater Life

 Chasing F1 Fish Finder Drone For Fishermen & Nature Lovers

Source:  Chasing Innovation 

Green Aquatic Drone with Camera - Controlled by SmartPhone

The Chasing F1 Fish Finder drone is a first.  It's an aquatic drone, powered by lithium batteries, to explore the underwater environment.  The user can operate it from shore or on a boat.  The drone drops its tethered camera into the water to find, watch and track fish.  The user operates and controls the drone system by their smartphone. Chasing F1 relays live pictures of its underwater fishing locations and can also provide videotapes and still images.  It's the invention of the Chinese company Chasing Innovation, which specializes in underwater drones.  It sounds like the answer to many a fisherman's prayers,  It also provides new, live, taped and photo views of underwater life for nature enthusiasts.

Controlled by the User Via Their Smartphone

The fish finding drone is wirelessly controlled by WiFi up to a distance of 98 feet by an iOS/Android app on the user's smartphone. Four thrusters enable the drone to move forward, backwards, sideways and circle a location.  There's a hook in the rear of the drone to tow a sonar unit or a remotely controlled bait dispenser.  The top half of the drone remains above water.  It's painted yellow and clearly visible for the user to pinpoint where the drone is and the best fishing location.  It also has GPS which shows its location on the smartphone GPS app.

Tech Specifications

The drone/camera system can go down to a depth of 92 feet. On the app screen, the fisherman or nature enthusiast can see exactly what the camera sees along with the depth and water temperature. The camera can beam infrared light to make murky water locations visible. Every function of the Chasing F1 is wirelessly controlled by the user.  It's a green water machine, powered by a 4,800 mAh lithium battery.  It works 4 to 6 hours on a charge.  The cost is $699.00 and it's available in the US and elsewhere.


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