Microsoft's Latest Flight Simulator Videogame

 Microsoft's Highly Advanced Flight Simulator

Source:  Microsoft's Flight Simulator

Innovative Videogame

Microsoft has just released the latest edition of its videogame Flight Simulator.  It allow the players to take control of a virtual airplane cockpit and fly the plane to anyplace in the world.  The digital images of the Earth are incredibly real.  The graphics are driven by a new graphics engine that was inspired by a Hololens augmented reality project at Microsoft.

Lots of  Advanced Technology

The game was first released in 1982.  It's older than Word, Office and Windows.  The new technology embedded in the latest edition includes artificial intelligence, Azure Cloud services and Bing maps in 3D of the entire world.  Flight Simulator can be accessed in the X-Box Game Pass Bundle.  This fall, virtual reality support will be available.  Flight Simulator requires a powerful PC to play.  But given all the technology encased in the videogame, Microsoft may have very big plans for its wider use.  

New York Times Op-Ed

This videogame is so impressive, it is the subject of a New York Times op-ed by opinion columnist Farhad Manjoo "I Tried Microsoft's Flight Simulator.  The Earth Never Seemed So Real"  He added: "The game plunged me into sustained meditations on the permeability between the real world and the online one."  Videogames don't get any better than that!


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