SpaceX & Microsoft Come Togehter in Space

 SpaceX & Microsoft Tie-Up to Win Space Customers

                                        Source:  Tesla Starlink

Starlink and Azure Cloud Computing

This technology combination between Elon Musk's SpaceX and Microsoft is fascinating.  Microsoft is expanding its Azure cloud computing platform into space through a partnership with SpaceX's growing constellation of low earth orbiting satellites for inexpensive, global broadband internet - Starlink.  Starlink is a big space-based internet opportunity and is already being beta-tested in the northern US, in tribal communities and in southern Canada.  Starlink can give Microsoft's Azure a potentially big edge over rival Amazon's cloud computing platform for business.

Cloud Business Demand Is Soaring

Because of the restrictions of COVID-19, demand for cloud services are soaring as adults and children work from home.  Microsoft has tested its Azure cloud with satellites in space and established a space venture addressing the demand for heavy data space services.  The services include disaster prediction and tracking.  The business opportunity is there and Microsoft wants to grow it through Starlink.

Space Tech Deal

Microsoft and SpaceX vow to work together, co-sell customers and potential customers and to "bring the power of Starlink connectivity to the Azure infrastructure".  This could be the beginning of one very big deal.


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