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SpaceX & Microsoft Come Togehter in Space

  SpaceX & Microsoft Tie-Up to Win Space Customers                                                  Source:  Tesla Starlink Starlink and Azure Cloud Computing This technology combination between Elon Musk's SpaceX and Microsoft is fascinating.  Microsoft is expanding its Azure cloud computing platform into space through a partnership with SpaceX's growing constellation of low earth orbiting satellites for inexpensive, global broadband internet - Starlink.  Starlink is a big space-based internet opportunity and is already being beta-tested in the northern US, in tribal communities and in southern Canada.  Starlink can give Microsoft's Azure a potentially big edge over rival Amazon's cloud computing platform for business. Cloud Business Demand Is Soaring Because of the restrictions of COVID-19, demand for cloud services are soaring as adults and children work from home.  Microsoft has tested its Azure cloud with satellites in space and established a space venture addr


VW-Amazon Partnership: Industrial Cloud for B2B Source:  VW Industrial Cloud Digitizing Factory Processes Volkswagen is greatly expanding its cloud based software and data portal system.  The world's 3rd largest automaker has a vision and goal to build it into an industrial cloud.  The cloud would serve as an industry wide marketplace where business customers could buy and sell industrial applications. VW envisions it as an Amazon built B2B marketplace. VW and Amazon Web Services are designing and partnering on the Industrial Cloud factories of the future concept. App Store Approach The plans for the industrial cloud are bold, innovative and ambitious.  For VW itself,  it will eventually link VW's 120 factories around the world, their 1500 suppliers and their 30,000 plants. VW wants it to be a place to exchange data and software. The purpose is to accelerate the digitizing of factory processes right down to painting vehicles.  One of the VW suppliers already engage

France Accelerates Cloud Computing

Developing Domestic Alternative to US Domination in Cloud Computing Source:  Stock Image of Cloud Computing Important Global Competition for the Cloud France has brought in two French tech companies - software company Dassault Systems and cloud company OMH to beat the US dominance in cloud computing and provide French companies with a domestic alternative.  The announcement is from the French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire. Very Fast Track Development France wants to build its own cloud secure storing system for storing French companies most sensitive data.  According to some news reports, this project is being developed initially at the French German participatory level and then possibly expanded throughout Europe. The extent of Germany's involvement was not initially detailed. Big R&D Investment The French government's  big concern is a US 2018 law, the Cloud Act, that let's US Agencies access European corporate data stored in the servers of US c

BMW Autonomous Car Center in China

Computing Center for Data Collection Source:  Image of BMW's Planned Center in China Partnering with Tencent BMW and Chinese gaming giant Tencent are opening a computing center in China to gather and process the data generated by self-driving cars on China's roads.  The automotive giant says this will enable them to develop and innovate self-driving technologies specifically suited for driving conditions in China.  This is the second facility of its kind for BMW.   In 2016, they opened a center in Munich specifically geared to German self-driving prototypes. BMW on the Road in China BMW is the only non-Chinese automaker that's been given permission to test autonomous technologies on public roads in China.  The computing center will be built in eastern China.  BMW says it will use cloud computing to quickly and safely gather the data.  BMW plans to launch its first Level 3 autonomous cars in 2021 including in China.

Important Innovations Collection: EU Okays IBM's Red Hat Purchase

EU Okays IBM's Red Hat Acquisition Source:  IBM Cloud Deal Creates #1 Hybrid Cloud Provider The European Union just approved IBM's $34 billion acquisition of open source software company Red Hat.  The multinational company is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.  This acquisition will position IBM as the world's #1 hybrid cloud provider, according to IBM CEO Ginny Rometty.  For more details, go to  Important Innovations Collection: EU Okays IBM's Red Hat Purchase : Creates Cloud Computing Behemoth Source:  IBM Cloud $34 Billion Dea l Global tech giant IBM just received the go-ahead from the Euro...