Slovakia's Hot Flying Car "AirCar"

 Goes from Driving Car to Flying Car in 3 Minutes

Source:  Klein Vision AirCar V5

Travel Innovation on the Cutting Edge

A team of engineers at Slovakia's Klein Vision have created a next generation flying car, the AirCar V5 that transitions from a road vehicle to an air vehicle in just three minutes.  That transition from driving to flying is triggered by the push of a button. The flying car has been successfully tested and flown.  

Successful Test Flights

AirCar completed two 1500 feet flights in Slovakia this week that included two takeoffs and landings - all successful.  Klein Vision took their flying car concept and turned it into a flying prototype in just 18 months.  They plan on delivering 2 seat and 4 seat models, a twin engine version and an amphibious version. The AirCar tested is the two seat model.  According to a company news release, it has a powerful BMW 1.61 engine that has a power output of 140 HP and a range of 621 miles.  In the air it can reach speeds of 124 mph. The vehicle has folding wings and a retractable rear.

Fast Forward

The Slovakian company says it will deliver a certified model of this flying car with 300 horsepower in mid-2021 and that it already has a buyer.  According to Dr. Branko Sanh, Boeing's Senior Technical Fellow  (ret.) "the wing and tail deployment/retraction mechanism is very impressive, converting the car into a plane". This may be one of the world's top flying cars ready for take-off and it is new innovation coming from Central Europe.  Next steps:  the vehicle needs certifications to drive on roads and to fly.


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