Beauty of Space Through NASA & Telescopes

 Magnificent Space Images from Global Telescopes

                                          Source:  NASA

Cosmic Delight Through Advanced Technology

NASA has released a spectacular display of cosmic images from highly advanced telescopes positioned around the world and in space.  This is the universe seen through the prism of the latest technology - gamma rays, radio waves and infrared. The image above is that of the Cartwheel Galaxy.  It shows a small galaxy passing through a "bulls-eye" galaxy stretching more than 150,000 light years.  It was caught on tape by X-ray imaging from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Messier 82

                                            Source:  NASA

This is another spectacular image.  The Messier 82 galaxy is pictured in X-rays and optical light using data from the Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra.  The galaxy is immense, spanning 20,000 light years.  Its formation is the result of repeated supernova explosions.

Dancing Stars

                                            Source:  NASA

Finally, another favorite is the image of two massive stars of the Eta Carinae system orbiting very close to each other.  The white represents optical data from Hubble. The blue is UV light from Hubble data.  And the purple is X-ray imaging from Chandra.  These images clearly show how advanced technology can capture the magnificent beauty of the universe.


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