Kia Takes a Big EV Position

11 New EV's by 2025

Source:  Kia's Concept HABANIRO Electric Car

2021 Dedicated EV
South Korean automotive giant Kia is going electric in a very big way.  As part of its "Plan S", it's pouring $25 billion into electrification.  Kia will launch 11 new EVs by 2025 and it will launch a "dedicated" marque EV model targeted for usage in 2021.  Kia is going globally electric with a smart strategic plan behind its moves.

Kia Plan S
Their plan includes "Purpose Built" EV models that target corporate buyers, car sharing users, among others.  Kia says it will find most of the $25 billion investment into electrification by cutting spending on internal combustion engines.  Plan S is designed to transition Kia's business while continuously surrounded by two pillars:  EVs and mobility solutions.

Marketing Focus
Kia is focusing on Korea, North America and Europe, which face tougher fuel emissions standards.  They'll offer a full EV lineup in those markets by 2025 and expect that EVs will amount to 20% of their global sales by that time.  Kia says it will offer both high performance 800 volt models and more reasonably priced 400 volt "derivative" models.

Investor Reassurance
Kia is reassuring investors that it can sell EVs as profitably as gas combustion engine models by 2025.  As for the 2021 Kia EV, the company says it will be built on a unique platform "specifically engineered to accommodate the car's world leading powertrain and technologies".  The vehicle will offer crossover design that will blur the boundaries between a passenger sedan and SUV.  The 2021 EV will fully charge in less than 20 minutes and have a range of 310 miles. 


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