BMW's Big Electric Push

BMW's Electric Future: Expanding EV Lineup
Source:  BMW iX3

Rapidly Expanding Production
For BMW, the future of mobility is electric and the future is now.  The global automotive leader has big electric plans.  Right now, it has 12 electric vehicle models, including the new BMW 330e, the BMW X5xDrive45e, the BMW X3xDrive30e - all plug-in hybrids, along with the all-electric Mini Cooper SE.  In 2020, they'll be joined by the all-electric BMWiX3 and the BMWX1 plug-in hybrid.

By 2030, 50% of BMWs Sold Will Be Electric Vehicles
BMW plans on having 25 electric models by 20023, more than half of which will be all electric.  By 2021, the company estimates 25% of all BMWs sold in Europe will be electric, 33% by 2025 and 50% by 2030.

EV Demand to Double in 2020
Based on these new projections, BMW is significantly ramping up production.  It's more than doubling its staff at its global Center of Excellence for Electric Mobility in Dingolfing, Bavaria. BMW projects that demand for EVs, electric motors and advanced batteries will more than double this year.  BMW just announced these accelerated expansion plans.  It also says it is combing the global market for specialists in the future technology of electric mobility.  


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