Nissan Leaf Autonomous Record Ride

Nissan Leaf Drives Autonomously & Electric for 230 miles in UK

Source:  Nissan Leaf Add Autonomous, Electric Vehicle

Electric, Self-Drive Sets UK Record
Nissan has made autonomous driving history.  An electric Nissan Leaf has just completed 230 miles autonomously across the UK.  That makes the record books for autonomous driving in the UK. The car encountered all types of road conditions.  The drive was far from a straight shot.  It safely drove on expressways, roundabouts and on poorly marked roads. It did so without any human intervention and emissions free.

Loaded with Technology
The test car is equipped with advanced autonomous technology. The electric Nissan Leaf was fitted with GPS, radar, LIDAR, laser scanners and laser cameras to perceive the vehicles and roadway around it and make safe decisions.

Project "HumanDrive"
The Nissan HumanDrive project was designed to show what autonomous vehicles can achieve, promote autonomous mobility and advance research in self-driving vehicles.  There was a human behind the wheel in case anything went wrong but their services weren't needed.  For a free sample read of journalist Edward Kane's latest book "Hot Electric Vehicles for the 2020's", go to I co-authored the books with Ed.


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