Electricity from Thin Air - New Invention

New Device Generates Electricity from Moisture in the Air

Source:  UMASS Amherst

Potential Green Energy Gamechanger
Scientists at UMASS Amherst have invented a device that uses a natural protein to create electricity from the moisture in the air.  They call it the "Air-Gen" for air powered generator.  The device doesn't need sunlight or wind and creates clean energy 24/7.  It's a renewable process that works off the moisture in the air, both outdoors and indoors.  The inventors say it is low-cost, renewable and nonpolluting.

Big Energy Possibilities
The system now can power small electronic devices.  The team wants to take it to the commercial level to power electronics wearables and smartwatches.  They foresee the day when this system could eliminate the need to plug in your smartphone for energy.  Their system eliminates the need for batteries.

How It Works
The UMASS system connects electrodes to unique protein nanowires.  It results in low cost electricity generated from the air. UMASS is calling this a renewable device to help mitigate climate change.  They believe a big application may also be in powering medical devices.  They add it is important to the future of renewable energy. Their system even works in the dryness of the Sahara Desert. The UMASS team's results were just published in the Journal Nature.

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