Life on Mars - New Explorations

NASA Diligently Searching

Source:  NASA

What's Underground on Mars?
NASA scientists have a fascinating and very innovative theory.  They're exploring the possibility that some forms of life could be supported underground and inside caves on Mars.  They believe there's a chance that water may exist underground to support life on the Red Planet.

2020 Launch
In July 2020 NASA will launch its Mars 2020 rover with a mission to search for life on the Red Planet.  It will touch down on the Martian surface on the targeted date of February 18, 2021 at a location called Jezero Crater.  NASA calls the area  one of the most scientifically interesting landscapes on Mars.

Search for Water and Life
Jezero Crater was once home to an ancient river delta that may contain signs of microbial life. The possibility exists that there is water underground on Mars.  Exploring for water and life is rover's big mission.   The rover will join lander InSight that recently detected seismic activity on Mars.  In fact, hundreds of Marsquakes in the past year were detected by InSight.  The cost of NASA's July 2020 space mission to Mars is $2 billion.  NASA's rover will be joined by the European Space Agency's ExoMars rover with a Mars landing scheduled for March 2021. Literally, billions of dollars are being spent by NASA and the European Space Agencyto search for any signs of life on Mars, which they are betting is a real possibility.


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