Norway Leads World on EV Use

Leading Electric Driving
Source:  Audi e-tron electric SUV

World's Top EV Nation
In Norway this January, the sale of electric vehicles hit a whopping 44% of all new car sales.  Norway already has the world's highest rate of electric car use.  There are forecasts that the % will climb to the 50 to 60% range during 2020.  For the full year of 2019, electric car sales represented 42.4% of the new car market.  The numbers testify to Norwegians commitment to a cleaner environment and reducing carbon emissions from car exhaust.

Environmental Target for 2025
Norway wants to phase out the sale of combustion engine cars by 2025.  To achieve that, the Norwegian government has exempted battery powered vehicles from the taxes imposed on gas and diesel powered cars.  As a result, Norway is the world's #1 user of electric vehicles and a favorite among global automakers to serve as test grounds for their new EV models.

Audi the Big January Winner
Interestingly in January 2020, Audi's new all electric, e-tron SUV was Norway's top selling car with a 9.4% share of the new car market.  Audi was followed by Renault's Zoe and VW's Golf.  For the entire year of 2019, Tesla's Model 3 was the #1 selling car in Norway with an 11% market share.


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