Airstream, Carbon Neutral Camping & RVs

 Airstream and National Forest Foundation Program

                                             Source:  Airstream

Planting Nearly 200,000 Trees to Offset Carbon Emissions

US based RV and camper company Airstream is buying nearly 200,000 trees to neutralize emissions from all of its RV and camper trailers bought in 2021.  It is donating enough money to the National Forest Foundation in the US to plant the trees to neutralize the emissions.  It is a step in the right direction for the RV and camper trailer industry.  Named  the Caravan to Carbon Neutral, it also allows Airstream owners to contribute additional money to plant more trees that they personally fund.

RV and Camper Sales Are on the Rise Because of COVID

Airstream is a luxury RV manufacturer based in Ohio. In the past year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, RV and camper sales are up 6%. The reason is that people feel safer traveling personally distanced within their own family unit.  Airstream says it is growing and accelerating its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.  This program commits to every buyer of 2021 Airstream models that emissions from their vehicles are not contributing to Climate Change.  And to take the program further, Airstream is offering a Carbon Reduction Kit to owners.  The top kit priced at $250.00 provides the owner with a Carbon Neutral flag and decal for their RV or camper and most importantly it funds the planting of 250 more trees.

Airstream as a Green Company

Airstream uses renewable energy credits at its manufacturing plants to offset electricity use.  And, all of its current products are certified green.  Their new initiative is a very notable one for the global RV and camping industry.  It's an innovative and welcome step forward in the right direction.  But in the near future, RV's and the trucks that haul campers also need to transition from fossil fuels to green, clean energy to make a major impact on Climate Change.  Airstream is implementing an important, implemental green plan along the road to total zero emissions.


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